3D Character Modeler
& Illustrator

Killer Croc - 2017

Modeled in ZBrush/ 3dsMax

Real time render in Marmoset Toolbag.


Rocky portrait - 2017

Modeled in ZBrush

A likeness study of Sylvester Stallone's character Rocky.


Indiana Jones portrait - 2017

Modeled in ZBrush

A likeness study of Harrison Ford's character Indiana Jones.


Madden 17 - EA Sports - 2016

Character Artist

Created hard surface models for new helmet types and facemasks using scan and photo reference in Maya

The Halloween Troll - 2015

Modeled in ZBrush, Cloth simulated in Marvelous Designer

Original character concepts

NBA Live 16 - EA Sports - 2015

Character Artist

Cleaned photometric shoe scans in ZBrush, Cleaned colormaps for gear and created normal maps

Madden 15 - EA Sports - 2014

Character Artist

Cleaned photometric head scans in ZBrush, Textured and placed hair cards

Elder Male Portrait - 2013

Modeled in ZBrush

a quick project to further practice and refine sculpting human portraits.

Jayden - 2011

Modeled in Maya , UVed and textured, Maya rigged character

For Jayden animation short

Arts and Algorithms - 2013

Generalist- Ninjaneer

Modeled Maya Environments for 3D Projection Mapping show in Titusville FL

Male Anatomy Study - 2012

Modeled in Zbrush , textured, UVed, and lit and render in Mental Ray

An exercise to study human anatomy, used ZApp Link and high res images to texture

Demon Rider - 2012

Modeled in ZBrush and Maya

practice ZBrush modeling of different cloths, skin, and Hard surfaces.

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