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& Illustrator

Here is some of my creation process for the real time character Killer Croc, base off one of the villains from the Batman comics. Below are my reference board, my concept art, some breakdowns, and description of the character and motive.

I have been a big fan of Batman ever since I was a young kid watching the animated series on saturday mornings. I wanted to do my own version of a character from his comic universe, but I didn't want to do someone who had already been reimagined dozens of times already.

Killer Croc is a Batman villain who is a lot of times illustrated as a large green human crocodile mutant. With today's modern Batman stories being more dark and "realistic" I thought a green gator man seemed out of place for nowadays. For this project I wanted to make him more human with a scaly skin condition like GreyScale from Game of Thrones. I also wanted his design to hint back more to his days as a carnival sideshow with carnie tattoos, implants and piercings, and freakish scarring body modifications.

These were Zbrush renders, most of it was sculpted onto a base mesh within the program. For the hard surface props like the machine gun I used 3dsMax. After the sculpt was completed in ZBrush, I made a list of materials that would need to be created. I retopologized with TopoGun and brought the model into Substance Painter for baking the Normals and texturing.

Once the texturing was completed from Substance Painter, I exported the Diffuse, Gloss/Roughness, Specular/Metal, and Normal maps. The texture maps were edited and cleaned up in Photoshop and then all were loaded into Marmoset Toolbag for real time rendering. I tuned the textures and materials and posed the model back in Zbrush.


I made this page to document my process a little for the first time. I hope you enjoyed!

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